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NEGATIVE SELF TALK and how that predicts your future How we speak to ourselves inevitably sets the standard for how we allow others to speak to us too, and it creates the level at which we operate. If we speak to ourselves in a negative way, you then allow others to do the same as you justify their remarks because you believe it to be true. If you are the first to negatively criticise yourself, you then predict a negative outcome by expecting it. As if though the negative outcome is ok because it's expected. Now, we repeat comments to ourselves day in, day out about every task we have or set ourselves. Regardless of what we do, we talk to ourselves - more so the more important the task ahead. Imagine those comments are all negative with an emphasis on a negative outcome - a failure. You are telling yourself "you'll try, but" - it will likely end in failure. You will go for it but "it's ok if" it's a failure. As  much as those are "plausible"

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