Pushing through adversity

Whenever I speak to someone about their goals, dreams, future plans or whatever it may be that is still "coming" for them; there is always that "but I have..". Or "I would if..."

So what's your "but" or "if"?

When the conversation is around nutrition or lifestyle, it more often than not circles to health issues or diseases which simply prevent the person from striving for those goals. Like it's some lifetime "get out of jail free card" for health and fitness. It's funny really because that sentence is the only thing standing in the way of anyone (and more than likely also the reason the health issue exists). The ultimate excuse why you haven't done anything about the things you dream about, or rather should do something about. 

Being fit and choosing healthy; there isn't a thing on this earth that will stop you from making better choices. Yes, some of your personal circumstances or conditions may make it more difficult, genetic predispositions to diseases may mean you're already three steps behind because you didn't make the better choices sooner, life stressors may be high which in turn reduce your available energy.. but when you boil it down - that's just a list of your life excuses. The reasons "why" you haven't started. The reality is you shouldn't ever have gotten to the point where you have to START. That's the ugly truth. YOU are the reason you are where you are and continuing to verbally repeat that list simply prolongs the start and makes it that much harder every time you postpone it. 

This isn't suggesting that life doesn't happen. Of course it does. SHIT LITERALLY HAPPENS. Things don't work out, obstacles occur, health issues out of your control might occur, accidents occur, shit days occur and then everything in-between that. Just when you think you have a baseline handle on life - boom! Life throws you something new. I know. But every time you choose to put off something that improves you and your health - you let the situation win. The irony is that you are also less able to cope with shit hitting the fan when you are physically unfit. And there continues the cycle of excuses. 

If health issues are your excuse - let it be the reason you do better today. If a stressful life is the excuse - let it be the reason why you hit the gym to feel better. If life threw you a curve ball - let it be the reason you'll be better equipped to handle it next time.

Being fit is the ultimate life hack, forever and always. It shows a respect for yourself, it shows discipline and it shows genuine care for your own well being. DO BETTER


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